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vrijdag 28 januari 2022

Hat 8003 British Rocket Troops

Today again some 1/72 scale figures. These Hat figures aren't bad at all. Nice sculpted and not to much flash. These painted very easy and also the equipment like the rockets and the wagon are very nice. what you see on the pictures is the result of one sprue of the set. A bit more information can be seen on Plastic Soldier Review.

History learned me that these rockets were a danger for the enemy as for the own troops. They weren't very accurate and landed very often between the own troops. Who wants to know more about these "congreve rockets" can read a lot more here on the wikipage.

The one in the front looks a bit odd but he just fired a rocket that was lying on the ground. So wtch out you never known where it will land! ;-D

I hope you like them.

Again some figures that were lying unfinished on my painting desk are done. And there is a lot more to come. Keep watching.

Painted in 2022:

- 20 mm:

    - Figures: 12

    - Horses: 2

    - Cannons: 2

    - Wagons: 1

- 28 mm

    - Figures: 2

- 54 mm

    - Figures: 1

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Great work Peter ! I love your rocketmen !
    I really enjoy your posts Peter ! I'm glad you're back again ! Greetings

    1. Thanks Mario! I'm doing my best. I was thinking about you and my other moddelers friends when I visited the Da Vinci composition in the Waagnatie this weekend. That's always the place where we meet. Hopefully this year again.


  2. Beautiful painting Peter!! Nice vibrant colours and details!