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dinsdag 21 juni 2022

Timpo 4005 Union Infantry

Painted again a set of Timpo, this time the American Civil War Union Infantry figures. It contains only 4 poses like the other Action Packs from this brand. But it are nice figures to paint. Nothing special just the usual Union uniform. 

It looks like 3 of the poses are soldiers, and one an officer. But I'm not sure because he is wearing exactly the same uniform as the others. The only difference is that he is using a pistol, and not a gun. 

And this is what I used as example for the uniform. Fantastic comic books by the way!

I hope you like them!

Painted in 2022:

- 20 mm:

    - Figures: 50

    - Horses: 4

    - Cannons: 2

    - Wagons: 1

- 28 mm

    - Figures: 5

- 54 mm

    - Figures: 10

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Improved them 100-fold Peter, very nice! H

  2. That unusual figure with pistol could be a sergeant or he could be an officer who likes to wear a private's gear so he does not stand out to sharpshooters.

  3. Nice post thank you Donta