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dinsdag 21 maart 2023

Cofalu ACW Figures

Today again a before and after story. Found this figures in a big bunch of other figures and first I didn't know what brand they were. Thanks to the help of some friend on Facebook I know now that they are Cofalu toy figures. French brand. 

Before I painted them I had one from the Confederation and two from the Union side. As I only have three figures I decided to paint them all as Union infantry figures. They painted really nice, also because they don't have that many details on them.

When I asked on facebook what figures it are someone made a remark on the officer about the gun and the sword. It took me some time to find out what he ment but now I know. Maybe someone else can find out what it is and give the solution in the comments.

Here are the pictures of the figures one by one so you can have a good look at them. I hope you like them.

Painted in 2023

- 20 mm:

    - Figures: 2

    - Horses: 8

    - Cannons: 0

    - Wagons: 2

- 28 mm

    - Figures: 0

- 54 mm

    - Figures: 3

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